Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello, Friends!
Ok, before I get to some great news and interesting (I hope) sightings, I NEED YOUR HELP!
I've mentioned before that--while I'm thrilled ACT is so highly regarded--I no longer want to be "Austin's best kept secret."
Marketing dollars are few, however. So...
Please do me a favor...Send this blog out to everyone you know who enjoys GREAT entertainment, because that's what Austin Cabaret Theatre provides. If each of you sent this out to just TWO friends (and they told two friends, and they told two I the only one old enough to remember that commercial? anyway...), we could do more with your help than any marketing budget could.
And when you have LEGENDARY DIVAS like ELAINE STRITCH coming in her TONY AWARD WINNING BROADWAY SHOW...well, what's not to like???
Ok...on to the dish--
I just got back from Los was great to be home, and although I got to have some fun (like going to Disneyland for my annual birthday pilgrimage), there was some work, too!
I took in a concert reading at the Festival for New Musicals called DANCE WITH ME, starring Jai Rodriguez, of Queer Eye fame. It was terrific to see him again, and we had some time to catch up after the show...Yes, we have been trying to get him to Austin Cabaret Theatre for a while. His voice is gorgeous, kids. But the best part was this show really shows off his acting chops. He brought tears to my eyes with his portrayal of a young Desi Arnaz. Also at the show was his Queer Eye companion (and host of the new hit How To Look Good Naked) Carson Kressley...who said to me...
"Have we met before? You look really familiar." Sadly, I was the only one of the two of us who found the irony in that statement.
I also took in a new play at Pasadena Playhouse: Looped, which stars Valerie Harper as Tallulah Bankhead. She was FIERCE, and the play is riotous.
Last but not least, I urge you again to get the word out--forward this blog, and then POST A COMMENT BELOW so I know you were here! Thoughts? Ideas? Acts you'd like to see at ACT?
And call for your tickets to Elaine Stritch...At Liberty! (see the blog posted below, or click above for order form!). You can also call me directly for tickets, at 512-BUY-ACTS.
You SERIOUSLY don't want to miss this one...


Tommy Jordan said...

when i first met you you reminded me of carson kressley--sassy, blonde, hilarious. but oh my goodness, that picture proves that you're so much hotter than him!

i'll send the word out on my blog about your blog. but sir, you must update more frequently! for example, talk about how your ms. stritch got nominated for an emmy today.

say hi to brian for me.

Dana said...

Hi Stuart-- You Are Amazing!
Valerie Harper=Rhoda, right?
Flash from the past--tell us more, and can SHE come? (I just realized I might have had a crush on her while a (pre-gay) pre-teen.
Anyway, thanks for your blogging!
Happy Birthday!


Linda Ball said...

You know EVERYBODY dude. I love Jai. Do bring him.

Stuart said...

Hi Gang!
ACT alum JASON GRAAE tried to post this but it didn't's what he had to say...

Stuart--you're really rubbing elbows with the smart set. Why, it seems like only yesterday when Steve Ross and I were your most famous friends. Your Blog looks good. I've always been fond of your blog. As a matter of fact, people from all over want to get a glimpse of your blog. Love to everybody in Austin who paid to see my show. And to Brian.
xooxx Jason Graae

Trish said...

Stu Stu -- love the blog honey! The show biz insight, that special Stuart humor, the name dropping ;-) I always look forward to your posts.

Thanks again to you and Brian for a fab time in Vegas! Never forget our words to live by: Nothing says love like... well, you know.