Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bette, Bets, and Jets!!!

In an ongoing effort to scour the earth for fabulous entertainment to bring to YOU, I've just returned from Sin City!
(ok, it was really my birthday trip, BUT...I did manage to squeeze in a couple meetings, and some excellent shows)

HOWEVER...before I delve into all of that...don't forget that we are presenting...

That's right--you don't have to go to New York and pay those big ticket prices. You get to see it here, in our intimate showroom at
The Mansion at Judges' Hill, home of Austin Cabaret Theatre! Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity are only $79, and that includes a scrumptious dinner!!!
(and how about the DIVINE portrait from
Kathy Womack?!?! Limited edition prints will be available at the show, signed by both Womack and Stritch!)
You can download an order form to mail in by clicking the icon above/right, or call me directly at (512) BUY-ACTS.
Call now for the best seating!!!

Ok...Viva Las Vegas--
Opening with "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me" was perfect for the much anticipated (well, by ME, anyway...) reunion concert of
Donny & Marie.
Yes, Osmond.
The show was everything and more I could have wanted. The good parts were really good, and the bad parts were even better.
My favorite part of the show was the unintentionally hysterical moment, when during his Stevie Wonder tribute, Donny Osmond--the whitest man on the planet--sang the immortal phrase "Looking back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy..."
Now I ask you. Did no producer, director, dancer, or musician ever stop rehearsal and say, "Ummm, Donny...???"
I nearly wet my chair then fell off it. It seems, however, that I was the lone member of the sold-out crowd who found the hilarity in it.
They both looked fantastic, and are headed to the Flamingo Hilton this fall for an extended run. Who knows, maybe ACT will be next...?

Of course, how can you do Vegas and not go to the "grand-daddy" of all Vegas shows, Jubilee?!
It's the last of a dying breed...the gorgeous showgirls, over-the-top sets, enormous headdresses, and more feathers than even MY closet...what's not to love?
I mean, for goodness sake, they even sink the Titanic on stage.
My friend and ACT National Board member Jody Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty...) had a total melt-down after the show which resulted in her shouting the now-immortal words, "If I see one more skinny bitch in a tight dress and high heels I'm going to knock her down!!!"
This phrase, naturally, was repeated often...though with less venom.

An OUTRAGEOUSLY good time was had at
Bette Midler, The Showgirl Must Go On!
Classic Bette; bawdy, gaudy, and naughty!
Plus, her unbelievable skill of going from camp to heartfelt in the blink of an eye.

She is the entertainer's entertainer.
She'll be there in 6-week rotations with Elton John, and Cher...
or, as Bette puts it, "the trifecta of gay entertainment!"

I also caught the
Cirque du Soliel show LOVE, featuring the music of the Beatles.
Gorgeous, as all their shows are.

Lunch with my friend Michael LaFleur--a fabulous director, artistic coordinator, producer, and all-around good guy was another high point. You thought I had stories??? He's the bomb. He shared a very funny story about running into Ms. Stritch on the street in NY.
He is hoping to come in for her show--he'll tell it to you!

I also squeezed in a meeting with Rene Ruiz, of
Toxic Audio...plans are in the works for their Spring appearance at ACT! They are amazing!!! They just closed their critically-acclaimed Vegas show, and we got to catch one of the final performances.
In a word, brilliant!

Birthday dinner at
Le Cirque (our favorite)...

A helicopter ride around the city...

Playing slots and "Moo Cow" (don't ask)...

A great time was had by all!

Ok, you know the drill...I've babbled on enough...time for YOU to POST A COMMENT below.

Do that right after you call me and order your tickets for Elaine Stritch!



Jody said...

Mr. Moulton

You grossly misrepresent my demeanor. I did not shout - that would be undignified. I only speak sternly with a dinstinctly authoritative tone . . .

I had a blast :)

Miss J

Anonymous said...

How much longer will you torment me!? Bette? Donny?! and MARIE!? Cirque, Jubilee (and please tell the lovely Miss J that I not only agree whole heartedly, but that I would have shouted!) and a teeny helicopter ride with the most handsome man on the planet? I am surprised that you didn't use the second most famous quote.."You didn't tell me the boat was going to SINK!" when you saw Jubilee..

So glad to hear you had a wonderful time.