Friday, June 27, 2008

ANOTHER Tony Award winner at ACT!

Make me a promise. Raise your right hand...go on, I'll wait...
Ok--promise me that if you can't make it to any other theatrical event this year, you'll come to ELAINE STRITCH--AT LIBERTY AT AUSTIN CABARET THEATRE. (September 3-6, 2008)


First of all, this legendary lady won the Tony Award for this very show...that YOU get to see close-up and personal in our beautiful, intimate showroom at The Mansion at Judges' Hill.
Secondly (as if you needed another reason), you're seeing this show which includes dinner for only $79. You can't see a Broadway show for that price, let alone eat!
Third, this is literally one of the most well-crafted evenings of theatre I've ever witnessed.
...and finally, we just learned that instead of touring the show (which was the original plan), Ms. Stritch has decided to do the run in London, come directly here to AUSTIN CABARET THEATRE, and then "that's it." This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
There's an order form link you can click on at the top right of this blog...HERE'S THE SCOOP--
are currently only available with a Season Ticket purchase with no limit! (ie--you can buy one Season Ticket and 20 for Elaine if you want...and some have!)
AFTER July 16th, IF there are any tickets left, they will go on individual sale. ORDER NOW to guarantee that you have seats.

I'm obviously OUTRAGEOUSLY excited about this show. You will understand when you come to see it (remember? you raised your right hand and promised!).

Don't miss this entertainment icon who emblazoned songs like Ladies Who Lunch and I'm Still Here on the theatrical map.

Austin Cabaret really is the "toniest" night in town!!!
"Everybody, RISE!"

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