Monday, April 28, 2008

"Pop!" goes the Workshop!

Not only did we have a FANTASTIC time with the enormously talented MICHAEL HOLLAND & KAREN MACK, but they also conducted a very enlightening workshop on how pop, rock, and contemporary music are becoming the mainstay of today's Musical Theatre.

Students from the St. Edward's University theatre program participated, performing both standard and contemporary show music, getting terrific feedback and advice from Karen & Michael.

Think of it as "Idol" without the snippy, nasty one...

The show was a huge success...I wasn't sure how my Great American Songbook-loving audiences were going to react to irreverant pop medleys, but suffice it to say, I'm surprised there's still a ceiling on the Mansion! What a welcome reception and outrageous response!

Don't forget to order your SEASON TICKETS! This way you can also secure your ELAINE STRITCH performances! There's a jpeg of the order form on it, print it out, and send it in!!!

(and check back to this blog soon for information on MY upcoming show, From the Ridiculous to the Sublime!)

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