Thursday, April 3, 2008

I just flew in from New York...(insert joke here)

Hello, my lovelies!
Was in my dear Manhattan for 5 days, catching up on the newest offerings... One of my Board members (and fabulous friend) Jody and I had a "whirl-wind!"
Here's the down-and-dirty:
Caught the new B'way production of CRY BABY...naturally I cheered loudly because JOHN WATERS was sitting behind us.
Ok...what a LOVELY man. Gracious, charming, sweet, and we had a grand time. The choreography (Rob Ashford) is the most inventive and innovative I have seen in years on The Great White Way. First Act had some rough spots, second Act was divine, they are still in previews, so I'm sure that the things that need fixing will get fixed!
Also got to see IN THE HEIGHTS. Kids, RUN do not walk to see this. The hype is true, and the glowing reviews seem but a tiny ember compared to the GENIUS of this show.
Visited with the cast backstage after the performance...and by visited, I mean did tequila shots in the stage manager's office with the kids in the show. What a great group. I'm in love with all of them--it was a banner day!
What else...?
Oh, yeah...more shots (Southern Comfort this time) backstage at the "Grease" revival.
Oh--took in Faith Prince (ACT Alum!) and her new show with Harvey Fierstein and Tom Wopat, A CATERED AFFAIR, directed by friend John Doyle (Sweeney Todd, Company). I tell ya, Faith is the actor's actor. COMPLETELY in the moment at every moment. There are some very compelling scenes, but sadly not enough of them. Again, still in previews, time to fix. John, if you're reading this, CALL ME! I don't have a Tony on my mantel like you, but I got some thoughts!
BARBARA COOK at The Carlyle was an inspiration. Her total breakdown during "Smile" was a little unnerving. Since we have some "history," I didn't feel like I was prying when we talked after. Her agent of 30+ years had died the day before. Keep her in your thoughts, gang. She is an icon--and I adore her. At any rate, it was good to see her again, and I always enjoy getting a hug from Barbara...when she hugs you, she means it.
The food was back up to snuff there, too--I had been disappointed the last couple times. Thanks, Anthony, you always do right by me for seating, too!
Naturally had to take in CAST PARTY with Jim Caruso at Birdland. Always fun fun fun!
Wrapped up with the off-Broadway run of "Fabulous Divas of Broadway" starring Alan Parker.
Nice idea. And that's all I have to say about it.
I'm sure I'll remember more tales to tell you when I catch up on my sleep!

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harveygirl said...

My darling, darling,
Depsite the fact that I am insanely jealous that you went home without me...
I LOVE the blog! I could hear you in every word..
I'm saddened that A Catered Affair wasn't all that I would have wanted, but you are right..There's time.

I hope you keep up the blog so those of us who don't see you nearly as often as they should can stay on top (don't say it!) of what's new at the Cabaret and with its illustrious director.