Thursday, April 17, 2008

Austin Cabaret Theatre proudly presents the Tony Award winning show...

That's right...the incomparable, incredible, ELAINE STRITCH kicks off our '08-'09 Season with a four-night run of her Tony winning turn, AT LIBERTY!
And let me tell calls from "Stritchie" are the best things in the world. I laugh my a** off. We sat recently in her apartment in NYC and we had a ball.
I really felt like one of the "ladies who lunch!"
(yes, she does it in the show!)
And what a pro. This octogenarian is feistier than a pit-bull, and brings more energy and entertainment to the stage than I've ever seen. It is, I think, the most perfectly crafted evening of theatre I've ever witnessed.
AND AUSTIN CABARET THEATRE is bringing this Broadway smash to our intimate showroom!
SEPTEMBER 3-6, 2008
$79 which INCLUDES a scrumptious dinner at The Mansion at Judges' Hill
CALL 512-453-ACTS for tickets and information
NOTE: Tickets are currently ONLY available with an 08/09 Season Ticket subscription. They are going fast!
IF there are seats still available for individual sale after May 31st, we will post that on the website and on this blog.
Don't forget to call for tickets to NUMBER 2's!
featuring NY's MICHAEL HOLLAND & KAREN MACK (see below)
We'll see you at the Mansion!!!!

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DianeS said...

First off, I'm just home from watching Elaine Stritch and I want to thank you for bringing her here. I enjoyed the show so much!

I had a story I was hoping to tell her, but since that wasn't possible, I thought perhaps you could pass it on?

Back in 1984 the late British actor Jon Pertwee came to Austin for a Dr. Who convention and my husband and I were asked to escort him and his wife around town before the con. One of the most memorable points of that week was when we were driving down to San Antonio. Mr. Pertwee and I were discussing the relative merits of British and American TV and I mentioned that my favorite British series at that time was Two's Company. He got very excited. He said that they were neighbors in London and that he and his wife had recently dined at her house, just before coming to Texas. Then, since he was a just about perfect mimic, he repeated something she'd said perfectly in her voice, which left me amazed. He said she was one of his favorite people in the world.

I couldn't help but think, when I walked into the banquet room tonight, how wonderful it would have been to see both of them doing cabaret together!

It gave me great joy to see her and to see her doing so well. She's a treasure.