Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MANILOW: '73-'83!

I remember all my life, crooning into my hairbrush along with Barry Manilow on the radio.
Was it just me,
singin' to the world??? Barry's indelible mark on the music industry can't be ignored. Well, Austin, this one's for you...a music town celebrating a music man. He writes the songs that make the whole world sing, you know.
Austin Cabaret Theatre tries to bring you the most diverse cabaret entertainment
all the time...and this show is no exception. I'm ready to take a chance again on another energy-packed show--so don't miss this one! You'll be sorry! I've looked high, low, everywhere I possibly can for quality theatre like this.
It's a miracle that we were able to book the incredibly talented LENNIE WATTS in his homage?...spoof...? FUN FILLED tribute to Mr. M.
Plus, you get to see our new home, The Long Center!!!
Looks like we made it to the pinnacle of class, style, and sophistication in Austin entertainment. I might have to wear a yellow feather in my hair and do the cha-cha...(ok, that one was a stretch, I know...)
The show is Sept 24-25, two nights only!!!
FRIEND US ON "FACEBOOK" (search Austin Cabaret) and you will be eligible for a special discount!!!
See you at the The Long Center!

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