Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back from "Circling the Globe" to bring you the best entertainment!

Ok, so really I was on vacation...

while in London and Paris I did take advantage of the extraordinary entertainment scene.
We caught the delightful West End revival of La Cage aux Folles starring the talented Graham Norton. I wish HE would have done the role on Broadway instead of the scenery-chewing, mugging mess that was Gary Beach.

But I digress...

We also went to Madame JoJo's to catch a mixed bag cabaret night...the outstanding segment being a duo called Frisky and Mannish who were the British equivalent of Holland and Mack, two ACT favorites.
Clever, brilliant stuff.

In Paris, naturally we had to catch the new show at The Lido, a mainstay of extravagant entertainment. A LOT of birds died to costume that show...wow...
The architecture was stunning in both cities, and we made some terrific friends, namely Stuart Saint (thank you, Jenny Stewart!!!) in London, and Ali & Guillaume in Paris, who design and operate my new favorite jewelry boutique, Gavilane. I bought lots of it. You'll be seeing it at our shows...

Speaking of which...

graces our stage March 26-27!
Dinner available pre-show!
453-2287 for tickets!

"Sharon Montgomery is a fantastic party you're glad you went to...funny, brilliantly talented, and full of surprises." --Liza Minnelli


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Anonymous said...

But could Mr. Norton have compared with the subtlety of Bryan Batt? You forget in your zeal that Mr. Beach was not the only portrayer in that run..

Glad to have you back!