Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Many of you have seen the amazing, talented, and stunning ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY on our stage at Austin Cabaret Theatre. If you haven't seen her, then you simply do not know what you're missing. Here's your chance...Ann will be back in Austin with Ramsey Lewis (fabulous!) at THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE for a Valentine's concert!
This is not an ACT show, but both Ann & the Paramount are part of our family, so please support the arts in, if you're REALLY trying to make someone your Valentine, then this will impress the socks (and most likely other articles of clothing) off of them.
You can get tickets and info at

I'm just back from New York, where I got to see a couple of our "ACT Alums!"
Kevin Spirtas and I had coffee and caught up--he'll be doing a lot of concert appearances, so check out his site for info:
Also, Paige Davis and I had dinner. The Delightful Ms. D. has several irons in the fire (as usual...I swear, she's the hardest working woman in show business...) and both she and Kevs send their love to our fantastic patrons.
I managed to grab drinks with buddies Doug Wilson (also from TLC) and Randall Tang, make-up genius to the stars...a terrific evening and much needed diversion from the work-load of the trip.

Finally, DON'T FORGET we have SHARON MONTGOMERY gracing our stage at The Mansion at Judges' Hill on March 26-27.
More on that soon...I'm off to a much needed vacation.
See you at the cabaret, ol' chums!!!

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Linda Ball said...

We have our tickets for this! Very exciting.